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Risk of Post-Operative surgical site contaminations from word environment in Khartoum Bahri Teaching Hospital orthopedic words from February to May 2016

Sakher Alssayed Mohamed Ahmed, Azer Abbas, Hozifa Mohammed Ali Abd_Elmaged, Ibrahim Salih Elkheir Attia, Areeg Dawoud Hussien Dawoud, Gaise Yousif Mohammed Jahelrasoul, Mudathir A.A Abakar, Zeinab O.S Mohammed

Effect Of Locally Delivered Ginger Gel As An Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planing In The Treatment Of Chronic Periodontitis: A Clinical Study

Dr. Shyam Sunder Salavadhi. Dr. Srikanth Chintalapani, Dr. Arpita Ramishetti, Dr. Aishwarya Arya G , Dr. Gayathri Muralidharan , Dr Kotya Naik Maloth

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